Mention 10 areas in Bangladesh where statistics were abused?

নতুন নতুন চাকরির পোষ্ট পেতে আমাদের পেজ লাইক ও শেয়ার করে রাখুন
Bangladesh where statistics were abused

Question 2: Mention 10 areas in Bangladesh where statistics were abused? In each case you must write actual information and why actual information is manipulated?


  1. Per capital Income: Government say that the per capita income is $ 1460 but actually it is in 1300 -1400 quota.
  2. Child marriage Rate: Government is claiming that the rate is 29% but actually 40%.
  3. Election Information:In Last election government claiming that about three quarter of vote has been cast but actually the voter had not come to give vote.
  4. Ranking in mass communication and Journalism: Though the journalism is now restricted but ranking increase from 146 to 144.
  5. Corruption Ranking: The ranking is 14 but it should be in top 5 cause we see that last 7 year 30000 crore tk has been corrupted.
  6. GDP: Government claiming that the gdp growth is 7.05% but it should be 6.72 actually by the World Bank economist.
  7. Child death Rate: Government claiming that the death rate is decreasing but actually according to last year report the rate is increasing double .
  8. Unemployment Rate: The unemployment rate is 4.5% but actually 7%. We saw that half unemployed who are graduated from government appoint university.
  9. Padma bridge: According to world bank more than 2000 crore has been corrupted in this bridge.
  10. Number of Martyr in War: We know that 3000000 people martyr in freedom war. If it is true why it is raising as a matter of debate.It should be clearified.

It is seen that our statistical research is restricted by government. For getting reliable information research should be free.