08-12-2017 Daily Star Vocabulary

নতুন নতুন চাকরির পোষ্ট পেতে আমাদের পেজ লাইক ও শেয়ার করে রাখুন

Daily Star Vocabulary

###- Reflections on the Pope’s visit…….(Opinion)

1. viciousness and tyranny – জঘন্যতা ও অত্যাচার

2. military junta – সামরিক জান্তা

3. manipulative dictation – ধান্দাবাজির প্রেরণা

4 wield moral influence – নৈতিক প্রভাব রদবদল করা

5. perpetrators – অপরাধী(delinquent, convict)

6. genocide and ethnic cleansing – গণহত্যা এবং জাতিগত নির্মূল

7. Reputably – সম্মানজনক(creditable, honourable)

8. whole sojourn – পুরো বাসস্থান

9. double jeopardy – দ্বিগুণ বিপদ

10. latest exodus – সর্বশেষ স্থানান্তর

11. stupendous humanitarian crisis – অসাধারণ মানবিক সংকট

12. traumatic stories – আঘাতদায়ক গল্প

13. unfortunate coincidence – দুঃখজনকভাবে সমস্থানে অবস্থান

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###- Silencing Dissent….(opinion)

1. general consensus – সাধারণ ঐক্যমত্য

2. plaintiffs – ফরিয়াদী(denunciator)

3 defamation case – মানহানি মামলা

4. virulent and persistent denial – প্রাণঘাতী এবং ক্রমাগত অস্বীকার

5. anticipatory bail – আগাম জামিন

6. ad-interim – মধ্যবর্তীকালীন

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### – BCL’s growing audacity….. (sub-editorial)

1. audacity – স্পর্ধা

2. assaulted – লাঞ্ছিত

3. expulsion – বিতাড়ন

4. abolishing – বাতিল করা

5 abuse of power and impunity – ক্ষমতার অপব্যবহার এবং দায়মুক্তি
Full Sub Editorial……

BCL’s growing audacity
When will their abuse of power stop?

We simply do not understand how the student wing of the ruling political party of the country can dare to threaten people and commit crimes over and over again, and no meaningful action is taken against them. In the latest show of the BCL’s audacity, Chhatra League leaders assaulted five female students of the Institute of Health Technology in Rajshahi on Wednesday. This too, three days after the BCL leaders threatened the women with gang rape. And, at the time of assault, the principal of the institute and police were present.

Everything that led up to the assault highlights the BCL’s self-serving power. The leaders started threatening the women in the women’s dormitory after the women had wanted to hold a human chain programme at a different location than that wanted by the BCL. When the women protested and demanded security on campus, they were beaten up.

The worst part, however, is the action being taken against these men. Reportedly, there is talk of their expulsion from the student body and of abolishing the BCL unit in the Institute of Health Technology. But what of the criminal nature of their acts? Why does the principal, who witnessed the incident, think that he has to wait for the women’s permission before filing a case? The fear that these men have spread even have the authorities in check, it would seem.

We hope that in addition to the expulsion, criminal proceedings are initiated against these men ensuring the safety of the female students. Almost every time an incident like this happens, the perpetrators go off with minor punishments, while this culture of abuse of power and impunity only spreads. It is high time the central leaders confronted this head on.