06-12-2017 Daily Star Vocabulary

নতুন নতুন চাকরির পোষ্ট পেতে আমাদের পেজ লাইক ও শেয়ার করে রাখুন

Daily Star Vocabulary

###- Genocide next door and the pontiff’s moral dilemma….(Editorial)

1. stigmatised – কলঙ্কিত(rusted,tarnished)

2. extermination – বিধ্বংস(devastation, demolition)

3. more conciliatory – আরও বন্ধুত্বপূর্ণ

4 subjugated to politics – রাজনীতিতে পদত্যাগ

5. indulging in genocide – গণহত্যার প্রশ্রয় দেত্তয়া

6. accomplice – দুষ্কর্মে সহযোগী

7. circuitous ways – আঁকাবাঁকা পথ

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###- Citizen ‘Muslim’ in Trump’s America……(Opinion)

1. bigotry, prejudice and assault – ধর্মান্ধতা, কুসংস্কার এবং আক্রমণ

2. legitimacy to the extremist – চরমপন্থীদের বৈধতা

3 spreading a conspiracy theory – ষড়যন্ত্র তত্ত্ব ছড়ান

4. inflammatory rhetoric – জ্বালাময়ী বক্তৃতা

5. Islamic terrorism/extremism – ইসলামী সন্ত্রাসবাদ / চরমপন্থা

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### – No DUCSU poll for 27 years..(sub editorial)

1. completely incomprehensible সম্পূর্ণ অস্পষ্ট

2. most ironic – সবচেয়ে বিদ্বেষপূর্ণ

3. precisely – সঠিকভাবে

4. urge – চালনা করা

Full Sub Editorial……

No DUCSU poll for 27 years
Violation of university rules and HC order

The failure of university authorities to hold election of the Dhaka University Central Students’ Union (DUCSU)—violating the express provisions of Articles 4 and 20 of the Dhaka University Order, 1973 (President’s Order No 11 of 1973) and the fundamental rights guaranteed under Article 27 of the constitution—for 27 years now is completely incomprehensible. What is the point of having rules then? How can democracy be said to exist without any election? And yet, what is most ironic is that this most prestigious student body has seen no election precisely since Bangladesh’s ascent to democracy in 1991.

In March this year, the high court had even directed the vice chancellor, registrar, proctor, treasurer and education secretary of Dhaka University to show causes as to why “their failure or inaction in discharging their duties to hold DUCSU election for the last” 27 years “should not be declared illegal.” Disappointingly, similar to the case of another HC directive back in 2012, university authorities have not responded as of yet.

What is worse is that the HC had even directed university authorities to hold polls within a stipulated timeframe, which students too are now demanding. Which begs another question, why should students have to demand that the university comply with the directive? Besides politics, isn’t the point of having DUCSU to ensure the welfare of students via the arrangement of extra-curricular activities, etc? Then what example is the university looking to set?

We urge university authorities to comply with the HC directive, wishes of its students and its own regulations by holding DUCSU polls immediately.